Tretinoin for Anti-Aging

In addition to reducing and preventing acne, retinoids for acne is widely used as a treatment to prevent facial skin aging.

Tretinoin has been widely studied as an anti-aging medication, with several studies looking at the substance’s potential to reverse signs of skin aging such as the development of wrinkles, sun exposure damage and other skin blemishes.

In one study, participants were divided into two groups, one of which received non-prescription skincare products, and the other a 0.02% tretinoin cream in addition to moisturising sunscreen.

Over the course of eight weeks, participants in the tretinoin group saw a significant reduction in facial skin aging, with lower periorbital wrinkle area fraction and an improvement in overall skin appearance after the treatment.

Are you considering tretinoin as a way to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and other age-related skin blemishes? Our guide to using tretinoin for wrinkles and skin aging goes into more detail about the anti-aging benefits of tretinoin, as well as tretinoin’s safety as an anti-aging cream.

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